Oakland California Youth Outreach


Oakland California Youth Outreach (OCYO) helps saves lives and develop youth. On the frontlines to prevent violence and support youth to thrive, OCYO provides outreach, mentoring, case management, and support to high risk youth and young adults throughout the city.


At OCYO, we believe that once you establish a trusting and caring relationship, even with the very highest risk youth and young adults, you can support them to overcome challenges and provide them with the opportunities to succeed.


Street Outreach

OCYO leads the City of Oakland’s hallmark violence interruption strategy, Street Outreach, in the East and Central sections of the City. OCYO partners with Oakland Unite, a program of the City’s Human Services Department, funded by the city ballot initiative Measure Z. Our skilled and trained Street

Outreach Workers canvass the neighborhoods hardest hit by crime and violence and outreach to high risk individuals and provide counsel, support, and connection to needed services. Street Outreach Workers interrupt impending acts of violence on the street, mediate brewing conflicts, and provide hope and direction to those most in need.


Intensive Case Management

OCYO also partners with Oakland Unite to provide intensive case management to young adults determined to be of the very highest risk of being involved in gun violence. Individuals identified through Street Outreach or the City’s Ceasefire strategy are assigned to one of OCYO’s professional case managers. OCYO staff establish a strong rapport and relationship with the individual, develop detailed Life Plans with them, connect them to services, supports and opportunities and help keep them safe, out of prison, and successful.


Juvenile Justice Center/Transition Strategy

In partnership with the Oakland Unified School District, Alameda County, and Oakland Unite, OCYO participates in the Juvenile Justice Center/Youth Transition Strategy to assist youth being released from the county’s juvenile hall to enroll and remain in school. Youth being discharged from the juvenile hall going home to Oakland are enrolled in school, have health plans, and are connected to OCYO’s community based case managers to support the youth in remaining in school and being successful.


School Support

OCYO School Support Intervention Specialists are assigned to schools around the City to mentor, mediate disputes, teach life skills classes, train teachers and other school staff, and overall provide support to students at schools struggling with at risk youth. School Support Intervention Specialists conduct life skills groups and provide case management at Dewy High, Rusdale, Community Day School, Bridge Academy and others.


Each year, OCYO works with hundreds of high risk youth and young adults throughout the city to support them in refraining from violence, graduating from high school, and becoming productive and successful adults.